Built Bradley


Bradley is the owner and creator of Built Together Clothing(BTC). He started it in 2010 after saving his money from working. He based it on  his philosophy of humanity and the feeling of being "FRESH". The BTC angel logo is a combination of a half blind female angel, snakes, and two lions. Which symbolize the balance of good(angel) and bad(snakes) humanity has, while acknowledging the royalty(lions) every human shares.

Btc dre


Dre is a built together clothings model, salesmen, and stunt man. He has been apart of the #BTCfamily since it first was established. He is as loyal and dedicated to the brand as they come.

drea Sweetheart


Drea is a built together clothings model, idealist, and major design contributer. She plays a key role in the #BTCfamily arts and business aspects.